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Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is a welcoming social organisation for people living in New Zealand who are retired, semi-retired or soon-to-retire. If you are in that "golden" stage of your life, woman or man, our Clubs could be a great option for you.

This website provides information about Friendship New Zealand Inc. and about the many Clubs that are registered with FNZI.

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Issue 15 - May 2016

Update from Chairman, Graeme Pierson

GPierson 170415

It is with pleasure I write this report following my appointment as Chairman by Council in March last. The Council objective is to put the past to rest and move onwards to the benefit of all Clubs affiliated to Fellowship NZ Inc.

There are several matters that need attention and we are working towards achieving this. The main one is the preparation of a Constitution for the Fellowship NZ Inc. organisation and to this end we have engaged a person to do this on our behalf. The proposed document will then be sent out to clubs for comments. It is hoped that this may be completed in time to put forward at the AGM of FNZI in late August.

Over the past four months meetings with clubs have been held in Wellington, Whangarei, Nelson, Gisborne, Napier, North Harbour, New Plymouth, Invercargill, Hamilton Dunedin and Wanaka, some I have had the privilege to attend with other members of Council. It is very pleasing to note that we have been well received by members attending. The Clubs have been invited to partake in group meetings discussing what they require from Council and ways in which we may further assist clubs.

It is quite clear that the Name is one of the most important matters that is confusing clubs at this time. It is important to remember that Fellowship is only a temporary name and steps are underway to try and solve this problem as quickly as possible.

At the present time Clubs are being asked to forward their affiliation dues to the Council Administrator or pay direct to the bank account. The methods of payment are shown on the Website in the Club Section. I have to report that a number of clubs have decided not renew their affiliation due to various reasons which is their choice. However some clubs are closing mainly because a smaller membership leaves less members who are prepared to take on the responsibility as an office bearer. Some clubs have stated they are just sitting back to see where the future lies and may reconsider affiliating at a later date. We would be happy to accept these clubs back, at any time.
This Council is committed to working for the benefit of all clubs and we are hoping to keep progressing in the future. If any member has any queries please do not hesitate to contact either our Centre Administrator or the Councillor for your area. My personal thanks to all clubs that supported our various meetings and for the thanks we received. My best wishes to all Clubs.
Graeme Pierson
Council Chairman, FNZI

DykesIntroducing Joan Dykes, Councillor for District 9920

Prior to her retirement, Joan was a secondary school teacher. Her interests include family, classical music, travel, reading, walking, and tennis. Together with her late husband, John, Joan joined the Red Beach Combined Probus Club some sixteen years ago. A Past President, she continues to be actively involved in Probus affairs, and was a member of the PNZI Steering group set up for the establishment of an independent Probus organisation in New Zealand.

Councillors and Roles

Chairman: Graeme Pierson
Vice Chair: Joan Dykes
Secretary: Jim Taylor
Treasurer: Mike Healy
Minute Secretary: Lenore Townsend



Please use the Contact Us page on our website for contact details of Councillors and FNZI Officers. Use the Contact Form there to send an email.

Meeting Dates

The monthly FNZ Inc Council meetings for the remainder of the calendar year are as follows, with additional electronic meetings as and when necessary.
Friday 27 May: Electronic Meeting
Friday 24 June: Electronic meeting
Friday 29 July: Electronic Meeting
Thursday 25 August: AGM Christchurch
Friday 30 September: Electronic Meeting
Friday 28 October: Electronic Meeting
Thursday 24 November: Face to Face Meeting Tauranga including a meeting with local club representatives
Friday 16 December: Electronic Meeting

The Naming Problem

For some time now Clubs have been asking when a permanent name for our FNZI organization will be selected. Many have accepted that according to Judge Toogood’s judgment, the days that we can all continue using the Probus name are probably numbered, while others clearly wish to be able to retain the name.
The Probus name is a very powerful and popular one worldwide and Council has been investigating the possibility of regaining its use for our independent FNZI clubs and Service Centre. We are continuing to do this however it is taking some time to work through all the legal issues involved.
Meanwhile it is considered desirable that to preserve the collegiality of FNZI and its affiliated clubs that we retain our current name until such time as Council completes its investigations.
We trust that you will understand the current situation and acknowledge that what we are doing is in the best interests of our all our FNZI-aligned clubs.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2105

Of late FNZI Councillors have had clubs asking for Council’s Policy or a Policy which clubs could use as a model for implementing their responsibilities under the new Act.
Council has contacted Worksafe New Zealand and can confirm that as we are all volunteers and / or a volunteer organisation we do not have specific responsibilities under this legislation.
Having said that it goes without saying that as individuals everyone has personal responsibility to ensure their actions or the actions of those around them are not going to result in serious harm. Clubs should ask those in charge of the place where your meetings are held if there are any specific safety matters which club members should be aware of.
That covers responsibilities as other people at a work place and each place of work has a duty of care to those who enter that place.
Further information is on the Worksafe website. Please read the frequently asked questions and answers section, plus while you are in the website, read up on who has the primary duty of care and who or what is a pcbu -

09230013 thmbWebmaster's Corner

Some Clubs have asked why we have content in the Club Area that is login protected. The main reason is that we give our Clubs access to the Online Directory of Clubs that contains a lot of personal information with names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. That should never be available in the public domain. In addition we have there the News Updates from the FNZI Council, which are a means of communication with the Committees of our Clubs.

Clubs have access to the full directory once logged in. Clubs can also update the content of their own record in the Directory. Just go to FNZI Online Directory -> My Club’s Profile. In many instances we are giving assistance to Clubs who prefer not to do the updating themselves. But we do expect all Clubs to help us to keep the directory up to date. This can now happen at any time during the year.


When a Club has forgotten their password, just click on the link Forgot login? below the login panel. For full information on password recovery you can download the document Recover Username or Password from the Information menu, which can be accessed without login.

Once logged in look under the Support menu where you can download three help documents with detailed information on the login process, the online directory and the website in general. We encourage Clubs to keep these documents at hand because they will answer most questions about the website.

For anything else I am always available by email via the Contact Us menu as webmaster.

We need more photos of your activities!

Thank you to those Clubs who have already sent us photos for the slider on our website's homepage.
We are hoping to see many more from other Clubs. See the guidelines for submission here.

MargaretavatarMeet Margaret!

Ever wondered who sends those emails, updates the website and puts your Probus newsletter together?
Margaret Finnie from the Rangiora Combined Probus Club was looking for another interest following her retirement from a busy working life a year ago, and when the Webmaster (Erik Vermaat) suggested this could fill in an hour or so, she took up the challenge.
Over the years Margaret has held management positions in Corporate, local and national government agencies, manufacturing and charitable organisations. Other interests also include family (3 adult children and 5 grandchildren), ongoing landscaping of a new garden, reading and walking.

Pakuranga Ladies Probus

Pakuranga birthday 1The Pakuranga Ladies Probus Club celebrated 28 years on 2 April. We all had a wonderful morning with our tables set in a birthday style.

Cutting the cake are our four life members Dorothy Brockett, June Ogilvie, Joyce Hudson and Mary Rennie Regards Fay President/secretary.

Alexandra and Districts Probus Club

Miners Cottage at Bonspiel StationLast month members spent a great day exploring the area known as Moa Creek where gold was once found and where there are still the remains of the Miners huts. The huts which have been “restored” can be hired from the owners of Bonspiel Station for a “once in a life time experience” as can the old Moa Creek Hotel. Afternoon tea was at Pitches Restaurant in the old historic village of Ophir, famous for holding one of the coldest winter temperatures in the country but beautiful with autumn colours the day the club visited.

Pohutukawa Coast Club

March - BBQ at Omana Beach
The weather gods must know when our BBQ is scheduled! Nevertheless we enjoyed it in the rain with our umbrellas and the usual great food. Many thanks to everyone who did all the organising.
PohutukawaApril - Forgotten World
Seventeen of us went to “Hairy Feet” out from PioPio, which was where a lot of ‘The Hobbit’ movie was filmed. Most enjoyable.
On the second day we travelled the 20 tunnels, with an 80 km golf cart tour from Taumarunui to Whangamomona where we spent the night in the old historic pub.

Hamilton Ladies Fellowship club

On 14 April a group of 13 ladies from the club visited the Cornerstone Alpaca Farm in Gordonton. Herman, our tour guide was so interesting and captured the attention of all the ladies. Alpacas come in 22 different colours. We were amazed at how soft and lustrous their fur is. There are approximately 26 000 in NZ. They have very placid personalities and make wonderful pets although they do spit when their food or young are threatened.

HamiltonLamasWe were given the chance to hand feed them nuts. Nothing could keep our President Dianne and a few brave ladies out of the pen. The not so brave stood outside the pen hand feeding them. A memorable day enjoyed by all.

Travel claim with Willis/DUAL

FNZI Newsletters tell us of travel insurance availability through Willis and Southern Cross and of Willis' concern at what may be a lack of sufficient customers. We are also told of individual members who chose Willis/DUAL and the reasons for so doing. Many may have thought, privately perhaps, that the service provided by any insurer is dependent upon its dealing with a customer when a claim is presented.

The following is my response to the private, or expressed, thought for self and spouse have had cause to claim against DUAL.
Spouse and self arranged a flight Auckland to Sydney, one night stop-over at Sydney, then to join a 14-day cruise back to Auckland. Shortly after arrival at the Sydney hotel spouse fell and broke her wrist resulting in hasty travel to the Emergency Hospital followed by five days hospitalisation largely caused by a minor heart attack while there – in addition to the wrist. Cruise ship came and went while self-arranged extended accommodation in Sydney – five nights in all and at a cost.

Our joint claim of DUAL was a little under $NZ6,500.00 in a mixture of NZ and Australian dollars comprising the extended stay, cruise fares, taxis twice daily to the hotel/hospital, (and return) for self, plus air fares Sydney/Auckland to return home.
DUAL met our total claim less, of course, the excesses as per the Policy totalling $1,400.00NZ. Our 22-pages of documents, and six page supporting Claim Form, were accepted without a single question being asked of us. I understand that claim processing is undertaken by the Underwriters in London and know for certain that it took four weeks before funds arrived at our bank and another week until the financial statement, explaining the refund sum, arrived at DUAL in Auckland.

I would not hesitate to use Willis/DUAL again though at our ages of 85 and 87 perhaps we have done our travelling dash?
Ken Trehearne
Probus Club of Eden-Epsom

Editor's note: Find information on our Travel Insurance options here.

Invercargill Probus turns 30

The occasion was celebrated at the Club’s monthly meeting on 5 April with guest Lenore Townsend, District 9980 councillor.
The Club’s records show that at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Invercargill South held in the Kew Bowling Club rooms on the 15th April a motion ‘that a Probus Club be formed’ was moved by Fred Miller, and seconded by George Hicks (who is still an active member).
The club was the first to be formed in Invercargill and remains to be the southernmost active one in New Zealand, and possibly the world. A steering committee comprising Eric Walker (Convener) Bill Beckley, Mervyn Sproat and Fred Miller was set up at this meeting. Records show that the club’s first outing was to the Bluff Island Harbour in November and the first Christmas Club Bulletin showed that the club had 36 members. Ten years later the club had a membership of 90 - a number which made the task of the outings organiser much easier than it is today with a current membership of just under 50.
Invercargill 30thGeorge Hicks cuts the birthday cake, flanked by Walton Goldsmith and Hal Urquhart (all Life Members)At the present time this Men’s Club is exploring ways of increasing its membership and also trying to encourage more and younger members to participate in the management of the club.

East Hamilton Probus Club

Members have frequent outings to nearby places of interest and to some places not so close too. Recently we had a trip to the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre just outside Rotorua on 20 October. A lively group of 27 (including a visitor from Australia) embarked on the trip. We stopped for lunch at cafes of our own choosing from the many such places available in Tirau, before driving on to our destination.
There we were welcomed by the very friendly staff, and were told a bit about the Centre and its facilities which include a really big enclosed space with quite a number of separate aviaries for a variety of birds: falcons, hawks and moreporks. These birds were all taken to the Centre after being found injured by members of the public; they are nursed back to health as far as possible and then released where they had been found, if able to fend for themselves again in the wild. Those unable to do that are kept at the Centre for further study purposes and for breeding sometimes.
East HamiltonThen we were treated to an outside display of the ancient practice of falconry. The weather was perfect for falcon flying and we were enthralled by a spectacular aerial display from two of the falcons which have been very intensively trained by a couple of the staff. Photo opportunities were eagerly taken up, even by people who have previously been scared of being anywhere near a live bird!

Waimea Ladies

On another lovely Nelson day the Waimea Ladies car pooled, visiting the Moutere area to see a Settlers Cottage with a descendant of the family, who had photo albums of the original cottage, showing the improvements they have made over the years to keep cottage in good order. It is always hard to imagine how they managed to survive in such a small house with large families up to six to eight children.

Just down the road we went to a wooden Hop Kiln also owned by the same family. Smelling the hops brought back memories for many of us, as some of our families also picked hops all those years ago. On the way home we visited a Flower Farm where we saw a variety of roses in different stages of picking. Picking happens 6 days a week, then packaged for selling and put into the chiller until delivery.

Our second trip was from Havelock to join the Mail Boat for a trip around the Pelorus Sounds to deliver the mail to families in the outer Sounds. Jim and Mindy, our guides, told us many stories about the different areas we passed on the way.

We also stopped at another bay where a couple of the other passengers jumped in for a swim, they were surrounded by a lot of jellyfish. Jim advised they were not poisonous, and put a bucket down and retrieved quite a large one to show us.  

Whangaparaoa Combined Probus

A few members from our Probus Club went on a trip to Matakana to go on a tour through the Morris & James Pottery.

Whangapaora 1



The tour was very interesting and we saw where they got the clay from and how it was processed before being turned into the beautiful items they make and sell on their premises.
Councillor Jim Taylor drove the minibus there and Past President Graeme Dykes drove it home!

Woolston Combined

On 18 April our Club celebrated its 20th Birthday. Graeme Pierson presented President Evelyn Sawyer, with a 20-year Certificate. This was followed by flowers being presented to twelve of our Foundation members.


Our oldest member, Margaret Naisbitt (who will be 99 this year) cut the cake together with President Evelyn. This was followed by entertainment by Spencer Duo and a great morning tea.

Birkenhead Men’s Club

Recently the club chartered a bus for 32 members, partners and friends for a trip from Birkenhead to Parakai (Helensville) for a 3 ½ hour trip on the old steamer the “Kewpie Too” to explore the tranquil rivers of the Kaipara River Valley.
KAIPARA TRIP 001The weather was great, and informative commentary was excellent as we took in the every changing scenery which included views of the sites of early kauri mills and bush camps long gone.
Further down the river we passed beautiful bush reserves full of young Kauri, Kowhai and Totara growing down to the water’s edge as well as the bird life including a Shag colony.
As the boat cruised along we were given morning tea and later a delicious lunch.
For many of us it was our first trip out on the waters of the mighty Kaipara Harbour and a chance to take in a different view of the township of Helensville which is situated north of Auckland.
A most enjoyable and relaxing Club Outing which we recommend to others as a ‘must do’. Contact: Abalone Cruises Phone (09) 420 8466.

Tauranga Central

We were favoured with a brilliantly sunny day for our coach trip to Matamata on 21 April 2016. Our first stop was at the Memorial Centre to experience ‘The Festival of Flowers’ exhibition. It can only be described as 'magnificent.'
The exhibits were innovative and beautiful, and the attention to detail awe-inspiring. A 'pop-up' café within the hall catered well for the hundreds of visitors.
There were three different boutiques presenting their collections and they varied considerably in style and content. After lunch we boarded our coach again for the five minute trip to the Firth Tower and Homestead. This is an amazing historic village set in lovely grounds where we learnt something of life in a more leisured age.
TaurangaLadiesThe Settler's cottage and the Homestead have been furnished in the style of the late 1880's and the outbuildings included a jail, post office, school, just to name a few.
Some members braved the 59 steps to the top of the Tower where the view of the countryside was well worth the effort. The Devonshire afternoon tea went down a treat before boarding our coach again for the trip home.

Mt Hobson Ladies Club

Our walking group recently explored the newly-opened waterfront park in Onehunga and were delighted at the transformation.
Entrance to the carpark is from Seacliffe Rd/Orpheus Drive. Near the carpark there is a children’s play area with swings, then a fairly level walk across the two footbridges which cross the motorway and create a circuit around the lagoon. With plenty of seats along the way, there was time to catch one’s breath and regroup.


At a leisurely pace the walk took the best part of an hour. Then back into the cars for coffee at Trafalgar Café a few streets away.

Marlin Club, Napier

It was a wet start to 19 February but at 7.45am a cheery group of 35 Marlin Club members boarded the bus from Mount Maunganui and headed for the Art Deco festival in Napier. By morning tea time at Huka Falls the sun was out, and we arrived at Kennedy Park Motel Napier mid-afternoon in brilliant summer weather.
MarlinArtDecoFor three days we had great fun tripping the light fantastic in furs, feathers, fedoras and general finery, loving the atmosphere, the shows, the parades, the exhibitions and all that goes into producing such a special event. Our journey home on Sunday evening included dinner at the picturesque Taupo Golf Club and we arrived back home full of the warmth of a happy weekend of fellowship and friendship.

Richmond Ladies

Our most recent outing, last Thursday, was a real treat – a mystery bus trip leaving Richmond at 9.30am. We travelled up to Lake Rotoiti first and enjoyed a short stop for morning tea at the shelter and a bit of fresh air.
We had a fine day even though forecasts had been for rain and wind – carried on to just out of Murchison where we stopped at the Red Shed Animal Farm for a tasty homestyle lunch. With over 30 on the bus, it was a great day of fellowship.
IMG 2711B

Our Vice-President Jean Aldridge, had a continual story as we drove through farming country where her ancestors had settled and farmed.

Her stories were so interesting – it was a lovely addition to our scenic trip. And fellow member Denise McNamara also filled in a few gaps with stories of her life in early days – we all thoroughly enjoyed the history lessons!
Our tour took as back via Lake Rotoroa – by this time grey skies were forming and we took a brief walk on the jetty then headed home - rain not catching us up until almost back in Richmond.

President Jean is pictured here at the Murchison museum where, to her delight, staff were able to produce her grandmother’s wedding dress! This delicate lacy garment was worn by Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tomlinson in 1916 at her marriage to Phillip Cummings of Speargrass Station (near Murchison).
Lizzie had an 18inch waist and her beautiful dress was worn with a very long veil and she carried a large bouquet. The museum also held photos of the wedding party.  

Rangiora Combined Probus

RangioraHeli1RangioraHeli2On 20 April we visited the Westpac Helicopter base at Christchurch Airport. Over 30 members heard about the service provided by Garden City Helicopters who have the contract for this essential service.

Matt (pilot), Rick and Tatzu (paramedics) and Rachael (fundraiser for the trust) gave us an overview of their roles and the huge funding required to keep it going.

Rick’s pager went off at the end of the presentation and we experienced the helicopter taking off for Hanmer just before we left.


A tasty lunch at the newly rebuilt Papanui Club rounded off the trip.

Balclutha Men’s Probus – visit to Transport World

Bill Richardson always had a passion for trucks, so he began collecting them and now has the largest private collection of its type in the world. Not only trucks, but very rare cars, many vintage tractors and a huge assortment of associated stationary motors and old collectible memorabilia, petrol bowsers, etc.
Balclutha 2Balclutha 1The building which houses this collection, along with a large commercial catering facility, has just reopened, and occupies almost one whole block in Invercargill City.

Nearly half of our Club members took the opportunity to visit this world-class exhibition this week and were blown away with the huge immaculately presented collection.
This was further enhanced by the inclusion and interactive audio visual displays which make the history of the vehicles more accessible to all.

Bill was quoted as saying, “I hope that when I die someone will be interested enough to carry it on”. That someone turned out to be his daughter, Joc. Under her direction, a large new development has arisen to greet visitors as they drive into Invercargill.

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