Friendship New Zealand Incorporated
is a social organisation where
Fun, Friendship and Fellowship
have real meaning

Where We Are

In New Zealand
Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is the umbrella organisation for clubs affiliated with FNZI. Our member clubs can be found throughout the country, from the top of the North Island to Invercargill in the South Island. Even some quite small towns have their own FNZI club, so you should have no difficulty finding a club somewhere close to you to join.”


FNZI evolved out of the international Probus organisation. There is no central world Probus administration or office. There is, however, a website which is maintained by a Canadian Probus Club Service And Promotion organisation which is a non profit organization endorsed by Probus Centre - Canada Inc. (
On that website are links to most of the 22 other countries around the world where Probus clubs can be found.

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