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Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is a welcoming social organisation for people living in New Zealand who are retired, semi-retired or soon-to-retire. If you are in that "golden" stage of your life, woman or man, our Clubs could be a great option for you.

This website provides information about Friendship New Zealand Inc. and about the many Clubs that are registered with FNZI.

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Issue 19 - May 2017

Update from Chairman, Graeme Pierson

GraemeSince the February edition of Highlights the Council has undertaken a number of activities. Chris Winstanley, our District 9940 Councillor, has been appointed to the position of Treasurer. Chris is doing an excellent job providing well prepared reports to Council in a very efficient in manner. Mrs Joan Dykes, who was standing in as an appointee for District 9920, requested to stand down which was accepted by Council. Joan did an excellent job as Councillor, not only by keeping in contact with clubs in her District but assisting in the production of the officers’ Handbook and also the new Constitution. Our thanks go to Joan for her input to Council.

Council is very fortunate in replacing Joan, with Peter McEniery of the St Johns Remuera Club. This was the result of no nominations being received when the position was vacant so Council appointed Peter. As the vacancy for a Councillor for District 9930 also resulted in no nominations, an approach was made to Bryan McKenzie, a member of the Tauranga Vision club. Bryan has agreed to volunteer for the position and was duly appointed at a recent Council meeting. Council is grateful to both Peter and Bryan for accepting these two appointments.

As you are now aware, on 20 April last the Registrar of Incorporated Societies approved the change of name for our organisation to be, Friendship New Zealand Incorporated. It is pleasing to see that many clubs are adopting this name into their own name. We also have a new logo which clubs can download from our website. 

The draft copy of the proposed Constitution has gone out to clubs for their comment and any suggested improvements they may wish to have included in the final draft.

Secretary Jim Taylor has been working with a printing and engraving company to produce decals and badges, etc. for our organisation. We thank Jim for his contribution in this regard.

Order Forms will be sent shortly to clubs which will allow them to purchase regalia and stationery as required. Many thanks also to Erik Vermaat our Webmaster who has spent many hours working with the migration to our new website.

Council had a face to face meeting in Rotorua at the beginning of April which was very productive. A meeting was also held with a number of clubs in the district. Councillors were really appreciative of the support shown at this meeting and the friendly manner in which they were greeted.

I am disappointed to report that, due to a falling membership and being unable to appoint a committee, a number of clubs have voted to close and have advised their withdrawal from FNZI. I wish all club members the very best for a good winter period with no sickness, and to those members going to warmer climes please enjoy and remember us at home.

Kind regards,
Graeme Pierson
Chairman - FNZI

09230013 thmbWebmaster's Corner

Coming Home
This is how I refer to the latest website migration. We started with “”, then early 2016 under legal pressure moved to the interim “” and are now finally at our domain Website migration is not just a name change but it resembles moving house: packing everything, physically moving to a new location and unpacking. And after that resuming your life as it was before. It took longer than expected, but we came home and resume our website where we left off. Welcome home to

Club Area
All clubs must have one officer who takes care of the login details that give access to the Club Area. Three important categories of information are available there to our Clubs and from regular queries for information we notice that not all clubs are fully aware of those.

1. News Updates are irregular, but frequent notices to our Clubs from the FNZI Council. These are internal communications and Clubs can decide how they propagate these updates to their membership,

2. The online club directory is available to all our clubs and is always up-to-date. Clubs themselves can update the record for their club or can ask the Centre Administrator to do that. This directory is a unique service to our clubs, which is unlikely to have any equivalents among Probus-like groups anywhere in the world, and certainly not in the wider Australasian area. It is the flagship component of our website.

3. Under Club Resources there is a growing collection of documents and other material that is helpful to Club Officers. We have recently added our logos, and order forms for regalia are coming very soon.

Recently some Clubs are disaffiliating saying that they don’t like the name “Friendship”. But maybe unknowingly they are removing themselves from a rich and, in part, unique support system that we are providing to our Clubs.

...that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet...

Erik Vermaat

Bryan McKenzie – new Councillor for District 9930

BryanMcKenzieavatar 1Bryan and his wife Lynn joined the Tauranga Vision Club in late 2014 having retired there from Hamilton and ex-Auckland. They are both active members although have not held office.  Bryan and Lynn have two children and four grandchildren.

Bryan was formerly a Police detective with the Auckland CIB in the sixties and seventies, then became an Investigator/Inspector with the NZ Thoroughbred Racing Industry for 36 years based in Hamilton before retiring in 2012.

He is a JP and currently the Chairperson of the 24-strong Bethlehem Community Patrol affiliated to Community Patrols of NZ (CPNZ).

Bryan is looking forward to making contact with all the clubs in the Bay of Plenty area in coming months, initially by email, then with a follow-up visit.

Peter McEniery - new Councillor for District 9920

Peteravatar 1Peter McEniery of St Johns Remuera has taken up as the Councillor for District 9920 effective from 1 April 2017 for the remaining two years of the term.

Peter is an Auckland boy, educated at Auckland Grammar and a graduate of the NZ School of Pharmacy.

He worked in the UK for two years before returning to New Zealand to run his own community pharmacy business in Mt Wellington for thirty five years.

He has served on the board of Associated Chemists and on a subsidiary of Propharma, a major wholesaler, and also for a time on the Auckland branch of the Chemist Guild.

He joined the Remuera St Johns Club in 2008, serving on the Committee for two years as President. This club is passionate about their independence from Australia and was one of the first to leave PSPL and join PNZI.

Peter is confident and enthusiastic about the future of FNZI and its growth.

Tony Newton – new Councillor for District 9980

Tony, a member of the Balclutha Men’s Club, was born in 1948 in Yorkshire, England and aspired as a TonyNewtonavatar 1youngster to join the Fire Brigade. Tony achieved his ambition in 1967 when he joined Derby Borough Fire Brigade. In 1974 he transferred to the Derbyshire County Fire Service ending up in charge of a Station after a spell as an instructor of recruits.

In 1978, he was employed by Chevron as a Fire and Safety Officer on the Ninian offshore oil production platform in the North Sea. After leaving Chevron Tony also worked at the Petroleum Industry Training Centre, then on contract in Saudi Arabia for a year. On completion of this contract he was employed by Conoco on the Murchison Platform, again in the North Sea, until 1992.

Tony and his wife bought, developed and then operated a caravan holiday park. The couple later sold and retired from gainful employment, but not from involvement with the community, remaining active in various enterprises and clubs. In 2006 they immigrated to New Zealand to be close to their daughter who had previously moved here.

Probus Career:
In 2007 after having spoken at various local clubs, on the subject of North Sea oil, Tony was invited to speak at the Men’s Probus Club in Balclutha and was later proposed for membership of this club. After holding various offices with the club, he became President in 2011.

Since 2011 Tony has remained involved in the ongoing ‘negotiations’ with Probus South Pacific Inc./Probus South Pacific Limited, attending meetings, writing letters and keeping his own club members informed as much as possible.

Name change for long established Association

After more than 30 years assisting and mentoring member clubs the Northern South Island Probus Association (NSIPA) has had to abide by a legal decision and remove the word ‘Probus’ from its name. Accordingly, at its Annual General Meeting held in Christchurch on Friday, 21 April 2017, the member clubs of NSIPA voted to change the Association’s name to South Island Association of Friendship Clubs (SIAFC), effective immediately. A Draft Constitution in the new name was approved at the AGM with the understanding that it is a draft document. Should changes to the document be required, SIAFC member clubs will have the opportunity to review and comment. Proposed changes to the Constitution will be adopted at either an AGM or a Special General Meeting. SIAFC membership currently includes clubs which have remained with PSPL.

SI Assn 1The Association was formed in 1985 under the auspices of what was then Probus Centre-South Pacific (now Probus South Pacific Limited). The purpose of the Association is to establish and maintain contact with clubs from the Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast and Canterbury areas to as far south as the northern bank of the Waitaki River. The new name of the Association allows for clubs from throughout the entire South Island to become a member. Each area is represented by an Area Representative whose work on behalf of their clubs is invaluable. Area Reps make regular visits to their clubs to keep them informed of issues which may affect their club, provide information on guest speakers and interesting outings, advise and guide club officers on any matters of concern. Liaison Meetings and Area Workshops led by the Area Reps were held by NSIPA on a regular basis and it is envisaged that these will continue under the Association’s new name.

2016-17 - Left to Right: Back Row - Tony Deavoll, Jill Hockley, Shirley Petrie, Warren Jeffs, Pat Aitken, John Richardson
Middle Row - Dick Dodds, Peter Erwood, Milner Jacob, John Batistic, Audrey Lowe
Front Row - Karen McIntyre, Paulette Lawrence, Graeme Pierson, Rosemarie Shaw 

Having completed his two years as the NSIPA President Graeme Pierson welcomedSIAFC 2017 18 Committee2 1 Paulette Lawrence as the elected President of the South Island Association of Friendship Clubs. Graeme and Paulette joined NSIPA as Area Reps. before being elected to their subsequent roles. Graeme as the NSIPA South East Christchurch Area Rep. and Paulette as the NSIPA Area Rep. for North Canterbury. Paulette is well known and respected by clubs in the North Canterbury and Christchurch areas and we wish her well during her term of office. Graeme, who is also Chairman of Friendship New Zealand Incorporated, will remain at the SIAFC table as Immediate Past President. Jenny Darragh (Waimakariri Combined Club) was elected as the Association’s new Secretary following the retirement of Rosemarie Shaw after three and a half years in the role.

2017-18 - Back Row: Tony Deavoll, Jill Hockley, Shirley Petrie, Warren Jeffs, John Richardson
Middle Row: Dick Dodds, Peter Erwood, Audrey Lowe, Pat Aitken
Front Row: Karen McIntyre, Paulette Lawrence, Graeme Pierson, Jenny Darragh


A great morning was recently spent Ten Pin Bowling in Christchurch and the photo shows their Cheviot 1nonagenarian member taking to the floor.

The bowling was followed by a very pleasant lunch at the Boatshed Cafe and then a walk along the wonderful Earthquake Memorial Wall beside the Avon. We were all extremely impressed with this very peaceful and beautifully designed memorial.

The Club’s 25th Anniversary luncheon will be held on 18 August any past members are invited to make contact with Jenny Pullen 03 319 8642 and join them on this day.


Dunstan1 1

Twenty four members of the Dunstan Friendship Club in Alexandra, plus three guests, recently spent three days in Fiordland.

The trip started with travel to Te Anau and the second dayDunstan trip 1 began with the boat trip from Manapouri to Deep Cove They then went by bus over the Wilmott Pass then onto the Fiordland Navigator which was home for the next 24 hours.

Sailing in Doubtful Sound right out to the sea and the seal colony, all the while observing the amazing scenery was a once in a lifetime experience. The weather, accommodation and food was excellent and the journey voted a real success by all.

North Harbour Ladies

The North Harbour Ladies Club recently celebrated their 20th birthday with a programme that included a look back at the history of the club and stories and photos from the past. This ended with the cutting of the birthday cake followed by lunch. It was noted that 15 ladies from the foundation list are still current members plus nine of our past presidents also.

Invited guests included Jim Taylor the FNZI council representative for the area along with his wife, Maureen, and also Mr John Salmon the President of the Northern Association. 

North Harbour Ladies 1North Harbour Ladies 2 1


Presidents cutting the cake 



        Jim Taylor, FNZI and Joyce Ross, Past President


Don Robinson of this club organises a walking group once a month on a Tuesday and the last walk was through the little village of Pleasant Point (the name says it all). Through back streets, laneways and walkways taking in the sights of the Pleasant Point railway, the original home of the Denheath custard square - now known world-wide. There is a taxidermy business in the small shopping centre with creatures large and small displayed in the street window (birds, bears, deer, pig and others).

Mountainview1 1

 Some time was spent in the Obsolete Iron Motors, a working motor repair shop, viewing racing motorcycles including a Triumph bike that was at Bonneville Salt Flats and vintage cars. To round it off the front of this shop sells ladies frocks and these are displayed in the front window.

Also once a month they have an organised visit and this month it was in the form of a viewing of vintage and old vehicles owned by our members. This visit was delayed some months waiting for the 1903 Reo and its owner (Kelvin Love) to pass their respective health tests for the road. Some help from outside people was appreciated. 

Mountainview3 1

 Some of the vehicles included 1903 Reo (considered the best of the day), 1927 Model A Ford, 1926 Model A Ford, Morris Minor, 1977 2.5 Triumph, another Triumph Austin 10, 1956 Daimler, MG.

This visit was held in the carpark of the Timaru Town and Country Club whose facilities were made available for our attendees.

A great day organised by James Milne with great camaraderie and discussion (which perhaps included a few lies).

Mid Canterbury

The Mid Canterbury club recently had the Mayor of Ashburton, Donna Favell, along with Councillors Lovett and Urquhart speak at their meeting. An interesting talk covering the biggest issues facing the council. This was following by a question and answer session from members.Mid Canterbury Central Friendship 1

President Roger Lane and Mayor Donna Favell

New Lynn Combined

The club enjoyed a fabulous outing to Puhoi on the 26 April. Members are seen here enjoying a delightful lunch at the Puhoi pub. They also included a trip to the honey shop and a visit to the cheese and ice cream shop.New Lynn Combined 1

Geraldine Ladies

Twentyfive years ago the Geraldine Ladies Friendship Club was formed as a Probus Club and this celebration including a catered luncheon was held to mark the occasion.

Geraldine Ladies 1Two foundation members, sisters Noeline O’Brien and Joyce Lynn cut the cake which was made and iced beautifully by Pat Doy, one of our members. Eightyfour members attended which included ten Foundation Members, 13 Past Presidents and our present President, Marie Ericksen. Also in attendance was Stan Wilkinson from the Temuka Geraldine Rotary Club who was instrumental in starting our Club, Graeme Pierson from FNZI, and Ross Buick from Fairlie.

Jean Robinson was made a Life Member after seven sterling years as Secretary. Jo Brown our other Life Member also attended and since then we have had the pleasure in making Alice Stevens who for 15 years has been our Almoner in a most gracious manner, our 3rd Life Member.

The Geraldine Primary School Kapa Haka Group entertained and was thoroughly enjoyed by members.Our friendly group of ladies now look forward to another 25 years.

Geraldine Ladies Probus Foundation Members and Past Presidents. - L-R Standing: Jean McIntosh, Jan Vernal, Noeline O’Brien, Noeline Cottam, Betty Finnie, Elizabeth Davies, Marie Ericksen, Alison Bragg, Shirley Garnett, Shirley McKenzie, Marion Davidson, Dot Kelland, Hazel Mills, Jenny Leishman. Sitting: Maureen Gill, Daphne Holmes, Gladys Bland

Timaru Mens

Timaru Men'sOn 7 March 2017 members and partners of the Timaru Men’s Club along with some guests from the Geraldine Men’s Club, travelled to Ashburton to visit the Ashburton Gallery and the Ashburton Aviation Museum.

At the Gallery, Ms Shirin Khosravani, the curator, gave an outstanding and thought-provoking talk on the artists, and the works on display. Even the most ‘art- averse’ of us, “I know what I like” types, were totally engaged and informed. A very rewarding morning.

In the afternoon they travelled out to Ashburton Airport to the Aviation Museum. Housed in two monstrous buildings, the aircraft ranged from an English Electric Canberra Bomber and Hawker Harrier Fighter down to Pipers and Austers of various configurations. Scary looking vintage aircraft were also on show.

The range and extent of the aircraft was astonishing. The work and dedication of the men who built this wonderful asset for Ashburton is deserving of medal-winning praise.

Marlin Club of Mt Maunganui

The Marlin Club held its Inaugural Meeting on 14 April 1997.

The 20th Birthday Picnic had originally been planned to be held in a Tauranga Harbourside Park but due to expected bad weather owing to remnants of cyclone Debbie and imminent cyclone Cook, the venue was hastily changed and held at the Mt Maunganui Golf Club facilities.

Marlin Friendship Club Mt Maunganui1 1While the wind and rain raged outside, current President, Helen Jones paid tribute to those founding members (past and present) who had attended that inaugural meeting in 1997. Among the 54 club members of the current membership who were able to attend the Anniversary (picnic) luncheon were some of those founding members, with apologies having been also received from Founding President, John Hogg and others, due to ill health, etc.

Foundation member, Ann Lewis provided the get-together with some anecdotes of historical significance and a round of applause and acclamation was called for in appreciation of all those who had served the Club so well over the years (and some for so long) for the benefit of all club members.

The Marlin Friendship Club of Mt Maunganui has a current membership of 135 with some 14 active interest groups which meet on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis throughout the year.

Past President (2006), Ray Fowke cuts the 20th Birthday Cake at the Anniversary (Picnic) Luncheon held on Tuesday, 11 April 2017. In support (L to R) are Past Presidents, Jim Simmons (2010), Mick Jones (2011), Don Davis (2014), Liz Dunn (2015, Mike Trow (2013), Ron Abbott (2008) and Glenys Shallard (2009).

Pakuranga Ladies

Some 45 of the 54 members attended their final luncheon at the Howick Club on April 21Pakuranga Ladies1 1 to share fond memories and say goodbye.

Unable to get a full committee at its March annual general meeting, with key roles including vice-president, secretary, treasurer and speakers officer not being filled, the club was left with no other choice as lack of funds was also a problem.

Pakuranga Ladies2 1Some have been in the club for 29 years and members are from Pakuranga, Panmure, Takanini and Papakura.


Past Presidents (back) Dorothy Sinclair, Dianne Wallace, Pip Van Duyn and Joan Mason;
(front) Jeannie Hamilton, June Ogilvie, Fay Mullins and Erla Grayburn

Fay Mullins and June Ogilvie cut the cake at the last meeting of the Pakuranga Ladies Club

Richmond Ladies

The guest speaker in February was well worth hearing - Edna McKegg, who spoke on her life as a Lighthouse Keeper’s wife back in days of very poor communication. Life was pretty hard at Puyseger Point and other lighthouses they worked at around NZ!

RichmondLadies3 1RichmondLadies2 1

The AGM was held in March and most of the previous committee were happy to stand again with our newly appointed President, Margaret Leslie, taking the reins from Stephanie Peterson who held the position for two years.

Each month the ladies have an outing about midway through the month and this month (March), about 28 members took a day trip over to Golden Bay. 

The highlight of the day was a visit to a distillery. I am told everyone was given a taste of the gin being processed (even the teetotallers)!

A wander around Takaka shops, followed by lunch and a visit to a lovely garden completed the day.

Stokes Valley Combined

Stokes Valley Combined 1In March 2017 our Club celebrated 25 years of friendship, fellowship and fun. To mark this special occasion, 53 of our group had lunch at Kaitoke Gardens restaurant.

Four foundation members attended, Arthur Bush, Stokes Valley Combined2 1Audrey McDonald, Bronwyn Williams, and Iris Bush. Arthur made a short speech recalling the history of the Stokes Valley Combined Probus, now Friendship Club.

Chris Winstanley, Friendship NZ Inc., Lower North Island Representative, spoke about our probable future with the newly named Friendship Organisation.

A toast was made to the anniversary and the enjoyment of the present. Bronwyn and Arthur cut the cake.

Riccarton Mens

Life Member, Tom Baker, has played a very significant part in steering this Club through some challenging times. The first big challenge was that of finding a suitable and affordable new venue after the earthquake. That was no mean feat considering the very strong ties the club had with their previous venue where they had met since the club’s formation.

Riccarton Mens 1Tom steered the club through the political quagmire that occurred leading up to and following New Zealand’s fallout with the Australian based Probus South Pacific Ltd. Though members may have questioned the wisdom of disaffiliation from PSPL, he helped all members see the path ahead.Riccarton Mens2 1

Tom also put a lot of time and effort into establishing what eventually became Friendship New Zealand. Tom went beyond the call of duty to hold the committee together at a time when its stability was severely questioned. He served more than two years as President and went on to become Secretary.

President Warren Jeffs presents Secretary Tom Baker with his Life Membership certificate.


The committee at work – clockwise from front left:
Howard Osborn, Lin Thomson, Ton Baker (Secretary), Warren Jeffs (President), Wayne Hastie (Treasurer), Doug Jack, Noel Hayman, Jim Robb and Tony Mooar


Tauherenikau visit 1One of the visits by Tauherenikau club members was to the stunning Fernside Gardens.  They also have a walking group who meet twice a month, rotating around each of the four South Wairarapa towns.

Tauherenikau walkers 1

Takapuna Combined

Takapuna 1 1Members of the Takapuna and Glenfield Probus Clubs recently enjoyed a great day out visiting several attractions in Mangawhai. The day out combined an interesting day trip, with the last monthly lunch arranged by the outgoing lunch team.

Their first stop was at the relatively new Mangawhai Museum for morning tea and a look at the professionally presented displays of the history and development of the region. Next stop was a delicious a buffet lunch in the relaxed atmosphere of the Mangawhai Golf Club, with stunning rural views aiding the digestion of both food and drink.Takapuna2 1

Our final destination was Bennetts Chocolate Factory, where we were able to view the factory (though not in action), sample the wares and purchase the goodies.

A group within the club also enjoy regular garden visits. Their last garden visit was the end this season and a great day out together. It was the grand tour of “A La Fois” – a beautiful garden. With its well-planned landscaping being developed from an open paddock and pine trees shelter belt. The result of the dedicated efforts over a number of years of a “retired” couple. Lunch was enjoyed at “Pinelee” next door.

Woodend Combined

Woodend 1A recent week-long club trip started with a visit to the South Rangitata Irrigation Scheme, learning about its operation. Next stop was Geraldine for lunch and a very informative talk about Barker’s Preserves & Fruits. Magnificent scenery was viewed through Burkes Pass and the night was spent at the High Country Lodge in Twizel.

Tuesday saw them off to a salmon farm where they learnt that stock is bought in from a hatchery at Silverstream near Rangiora. Next was Forest Range high country station where they found out about the production of world class merino wool.

On Wednesday it was on to historical Ophir and Omakau, St Bathans and Oturehua where the group had a very enjoyable tour through E Hayes & Son Museum and engineering works.

Thursday saw 18 club members try their hand at curling at the Maniototo Curling International indoor venue, a year round facility in Naseby. Another interesting stop that day was to the gold mine at Macraes (no samples were available unfortunately) and then on to Oamaru for the night.

On the return journey on Friday, a visit to a robotic dairy farm at Morven and then they followed the process of making Makikihi Fries at their factory.

Waimea Combined

One of the memorable trips enjoyed by the Waimea Combined club was to the Abel Tasman National Park.Waimea Combined5 1 The ferry took the group to Torrent Bay passing Split Apple Rock, down through Astrolabe Roadstead with Adele Island on the right, and on to Torrent Bay where they disembarked for the walk to Medland beach.
The track was through native bush where they heard many bellbirds, tui etc and saw unusual rock formations as well as native flora, ferns, orchids and Rata.

Waimea Combined3 1It took a couple of hours to reach Maitland Beach where they could sit in the shade, eat lunch and chat with rest of group. Many took the opportunity to remove their socks and shoes to have a paddle, fossicking in rock pools and climbing over rocks.

The ferry took us back to Kaiteriteri. The trip back was just beautiful as the sea breeze hadn’t come up (very rare over there) and it was still warm.

Back at Kaiteriteri the tide was out so off came the shoes and socks again to paddle a short way back to shore.

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