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Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is a welcoming social organisation for people living in New Zealand who are retired, semi-retired or soon-to-retire. If you are in that "golden" stage of your life, woman or man, our Clubs could be a great option for you.

This website provides information about Friendship New Zealand Inc. and about the many Clubs that are registered with FNZI.

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Issue 31 - September 2020

Update from Chairman, Graeme Pierson


It is my pleasure to produce this report for the Highlights newsletter.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: A successful Annual General Meeting was held in the Reformed Church Bishopdale, Christchurch on 26 August and was well attended. No doubt the fact that some clubs have not met for some months due to Covid-19, and the Auckland Region was at Level 3 reduced attendance from outside the region. Council members were grateful for the number of proxies we received from Clubs in this area as well as Clubs from other Districts throughout New Zealand. The one remit was carried unanimously as was the Financial Report for the year ended 31 March 2020. These two matters have now been sent to the Registrar of Companies for filing.

ELECTION OF COUNCILORS: The Returning Officer for FNZI, Pauline Lawrence has recently sent out to clubs in Districts D10, D20 and D70, nomination forms for Councillors for these Districts. Sadly Peter McEniery, will be standing down after giving us his services for the past 4 years for which we are truly grateful. Hopefully, a member will be found for District 10 which has been without a Councillor for some time. If any member is considering offering themselves for positions and require further information, please contact me or any of the other Councillors for information as to what is required for these positions.


The bad years are now behind us and the positions are no longer as stressful as they were in the early days. I will also be standing down as at 31 March, 2021 as I have had the pleasure of serving for some five years and that is the allowable time.

GENERAL MATTERS: The Council is aware that as a result of Covid-19 a number of clubs have not been meeting and, as a result, subscriptions which were due for payment on 30 April, have not yet been paid. The Council members would appreciate if those clubs in default paid their dues as soon as possible.

I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for the support and assistance over the past 12 months but especially at the recent AGM in Christchurch. My job has been made easier by the manner in which we have formed a good team that is able to assist clubs readily and efficiently when required.

Thanks also to our Administrator, Rosemarie, not only for her duties as scribe at the meeting, but all the papers that were required for the meeting. My thanks also goes to members of the Bishopdale Ladies Club for their assistance in providing the lunch for members attending the AGM. I would also like to thank the other members who assisted with making the venue ready for our meeting as well clearing up afterwards. Thanks go to the Ladies that acted as greeters to members attending the meeting.

Graeme Pierson, Chairman, FNZI Inc.

Administrator’s Corner

RosemarieOur world has certainly experienced a most unusual year as New Zealand, like many other countries, has been affected by COVID-19. Unlike other pandemics this one is a very tricky critter and will leave lasting consequences and memories – sadly for many, not all good. Fortunately, the committees of our FNZI Friendship clubs have shown great resilience and initiative to ensure that communication has remained constant with their members.

I continue to receive newsletters from our member clubs and I very much enjoy reading about their activities, especially during the various lockdown levels. So much creativity has been generated in various ways – I feel sure many will have propped a teddy bear or two at their windows! You are all to be commended on the work you have done to ensure your club members remain positive and stimulated. I hope that members are relishing to once again being able to attend meetings, club outings and activities. Unfortunately, our Auckland clubs are having to wait just a little longer but hopefully, not too much longer now.

The 6th AGM was held in Christchurch in late August and with a particularly good representation of member clubs. It was also an opportunity to meet the two new FNZI Councillors. I chatted to several members but not all, and this is regretted. It was encouraging to see familiar faces but if I did not spend a moment with you, I am sorry.

My administration task load was all up to date when the Level 4 status was lifted however, in recent weeks things have been extremely busy – clubs paying their FNZI affiliation fees; new officers requiring assistance; updating our database records; preparations for the AGM recording proxies, apologies, attendees, transcribing minutes of the AGM, etc. etc. Formal acknowledgement of fee payments is in progress and all clubs will receive an official receipt number for audit purposes.

Christmas and the end of 2020 is in sight, so best wishes to you all to make sure these next few months are full of enjoyment, good health and friendship.

Rosemarie Shaw

6th Annual General Meeting6th AGM full

This photo taken at the August AGM shows 

Back row: L-R Graeme Pierson, President,
Margaret Finnie, Highlights Editor,
Chris Winstanley, Councillor D40 (Treasurer) and Graham Clayton, Councillor D80.

Front row: L-R June Welten, Councillor D30, and Rosemarie Shaw, Administrator

Absent: Peter McEniery Councillor D20 (Secretary)

Introducing June Welten – Councillor for District 30

Greetings to all Friendship friends. I am an June 2enthusiastic member of the Tauranga Vision Friendship Club, having served on the committee and as the Immediate Past President.

Friendship NZ offers its members such a wide variety of interesting activities along with the regular monthly meetings, including social, cultural and craft groups. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic caused an unwelcome hiccup in the usual smooth running of our yearly programmes. Happily though, Clubs are now regrouping and enjoying the continuance of their popular (and very much missed!) group meetings.

The six-monthly Combined Clubs meetings are of particular interest to me - I feel that they are valuable in that we can exchange ideas with other Clubs in our area. Meeting, eating, and sharing together is pivotal to the success and enjoyment of FNZI.

I look forward to serving D30 as a sympathetic and helpful Counsellor. My very best wishes to you all.

Club Kenepuru

This year has developed into a pattern of sorts – two meetings on, three meetings off, two meetings on, one meeting off. Hopefully, members can meet again regularly from now on.

The club aim for a luncheon get together each month. Waitangi Day saw about 30 people at Derek’s and Rosemary’s place for a BBQ where they enjoyed a rather wonderful culinary and weather treat. The food was incredible, the sun was beautiful, the views outstanding, and the company was cheerful and chatty.

February also saw a trip to Days Bay starting at the Porirua Station just after 9am to make the most of the gold card fare and on into the city in time to catch the East-West ferry at 10am.

While March was supposed to have been their AGM, it was June before a new team was voted in. The outgoing President and Secretary, Beverly and Martin Houlihan, have been the hardworking mainstay of this club for many years and we look forward to their expertise as mentors within the club.

Events of recent months have jolted everyone to review what is known about communications and this club will be setting up a buddy system to share skills when they meet again.

Introducing Graham Clayton – Councillor for District 80



My name is Graham Clayton, the one who against all military training about volunteering, did just that for the position of Councillor for District 80!

District 80 covers the South Island of New Zealand in a line from Wanaka to Dunedin. I live in the delightful little town of Gore, where I am secretary of my local Club, Hokokui Focus.

I was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England and in April 1951 I joined the Boy Scout Movement as a Wolf Cub and made my Promise, “to do my best, to do my duty to God and the King, To help someone every day and to keep the lore of the Wolf Cub Pack”. Here we are nearly 70 years later, I have to the best of my ability done as promised, with maybe the Wolf Cub bit falling away, but never out of my recollection.

I joined the Royal Air Force as a Boy Entrant aged 15 in Jan 1960. I was posted to Germany during the Cold War and served the following four years serving on detachments to Cyprus, Malta, and visited Thule in Greenland.

In 1973, I flew out of England bound for South Australia, for a 2 ½ year posting supporting the Weapons Trials units at Woomera. After leaving the RAF in 1976, settled down in Salisbury South Australia.

I joined the prison service in 1985 and worked in the high security and pre-release sections for 25 years. I also worked in a women’s prison for 12 years. I retired in 2009 and became a Justice of the Peace in South Australia. We moved to Gore in 2015, continuing as a JP in New Zealand. I continue to be involved in many local community groups.

I look forward to meeting and making new friends and being able to fulfil that promise I made back in 1951.


In July, 44 members of the Amberley Friendship Club enjoyed a mid-winter lunch at the newly opened local Better Half Kitchen and Bar. The club has been meeting again since June so, despite lockdown, has missed two month’s meetings only.

During this period, every club member was telephoned regularly by a committee member. This ensured that lines of communication were kept open and any needs were met. Since re-opening there have been several new members keen to join the ranks so the club is going forth with a positive attitude.

Rangiora CombinedRangiora Rita   Joy life members (2)


The Rangiora Combined club celebrated its 25th birthday with cake at their July general meeting plus lunch at Five Stags on 22 July.

Pictured here are Joy King (L) and Rita Garrod who are both founder members and past Presidents of the Rangiora Combined club. Both women were presented with Life Membership in July and warmly commended for having served on various committees and supported the club over many years.

Mornington Club

It is probably not telling others anything new when it is said that 2020 has been a very unusual year so far. Everyone reading this will have their own memories of the couple of months where club meetings were impossible. Prior to 14 July the Mornington committee had decided that the club could meet again with suitable precautions.

Unfortunately, this year has been one which has seen several deaths and resignations within the club. Given the age group, most clubs will lose a few members each year, but it is never easy, particularly with restricted numbers able to gather at funerals.

Balancing that out have been the new members welcomed into the club. Firstly, from the now closed Dunedin West Men’s club, and from the ladies of our sister club which also wound up. It has brought great satisfaction to see so many applications coming forward and it is hoped to see these new members fully integrated into the fabric of Mornington Club after a settling in period.

A new sound system for speakers has been introduced and has proved excellent on first try. Members meet at the Mornington Bowling Club and Russ Gillions, their new President, is settling into his role well. The committee continues to achieve progress and it is hoped that it reflects the new faces of our club going forward. Given the difficulties of this year and the general tightening of health and safety issues, club visits are far harder to organise. The club is alternating between a visit one month and a lunch event on the other. The social outings are much appreciated as there has been less opportunity to mingle normally. Like all clubs, suggestions from members as to the type of speaker they wish to hear from is always tricky and the club’s programme is now full through to February 2021.

Graham Clayton, FNZI Councillor District 80, will be welcomed to the October Meeting and another highlight of this year will be the Members Entertain meeting in December. This is an opportunity for women members, all new to our club, to introduce themselves and their interests. A club visit by bus to the Portobello Marine Studies Centre with lunch to follow is planned for later this month. Mornington club members send out their very best wishes to all fellow clubs as they find their way through the present challenges.
Social contact is certainly a positive and vital part of most our lives and long may that be!

 Waimea Ladies

Waimea Ladies2


Eighty members of the Waimea Ladies Club of Nelson celebrated the club’s birthday on 17 July, 28 years to the day of their inaugural meeting.

A brief history of the club was presented, with members acknowledging the first President of the club, Shirley Kyfuik, Life Member, and still a regular attendee at meetings.

Past President Lynda Pike cut the birthday cake made and beautifully decorated by member Bev Schroder.


Mary Gray, a collector of teddy bears, had the idea of holding a Johnsonville winnersTeddy Bear’s Picnic for Johnsonville’s July meeting to celebrate club members emergence from lockdown. “Bring the teddy you had in your front window during lockdown to show you cared “, she told members. “Prizes would be awarded for the Oldest and the Best Dressed Bears”.

Many came and enjoyed the celebratory morning tea with our members. The winners were decided by Graham Kelly, our guest speaker.

After each winner had been awarded a pot of honey, Graham entertained members with tales of his musical life, complemented by songs he played on the piano.

Johnsonville Teddy guests

At right - Betty Lawrence with her 51-year-old bear and Mary Taylor with her best dressed bear


Left – a group of guests

 Hokonui Focus

Hokonui club members all did the right thing – stayed home and stayed safe.

Three members, Ngaire E Ngaire B and Marie got their heads together and organised a “Freedom Lunch” once they were able to gather again. Two club members entertained with a selection of singalong songs. A bowl of piping hot soup, hot savouries, club sandwiches plus tea and coffee were thoroughly enjoyed by 98 members at what could only have been called a “chatterthon”.Hokonui1
Congratulations to these three women for organising the event and club members are looking forward to the next function in the pipeline.


It had been a long four months from the AGM on 12 March to the first General Meeting which the newly elected President could chair.

During that time President Barry had challenged club members by e-mail with a series of quizzes. First one was "ANZAC" which he had had prepared for the April meeting (scuppered by lockdown), followed by one on flags, then nursery rhymes and finally royalty. He intimated at the meeting on 9 July there would be another "special" presented at a future meeting!!

The government has been encouraging NZ residents to help recover the economy and see more of "Godzone" by spending holidays in their own country. It was apt, therefore, that the speaker at the July meeting was Ian Balme of "Forgotten World Adventures". He promoted the business based in Tauramanui which offers travel by rail-cart along an abandoned railway line: choose from five different journeys, the longest 142 kilometres between Tauramanui and Stratford. Added more recently to the concern was a jet boat on the Whanganui River and a helicopter flight over the Whanganui National Park. Several members have planned a trip for December to enjoy all the attractions.

As the annual mid-winter lunch planned for June had to be cancelled, members are looking forward to their Christmas lunch at North Harbour Golf Club in late November.

Fitzroy Ladies

The members of the Fitzroy Friendship group have enjoyed meeting up again after the long break caused by Covid-19. Meetings resumed in August when four committee members bravely agreed to be fashion models and walk the catwalk! Ma’dore Fashions, a shop in Fitzroy, provided the clothes and the commentary. The fashions were gorgeous and much admired by the members of the group. Luckily Ma’dore Fashions had a sale which quite a few took advantage of!

Fitzroy Ladies


At the next meeting, members will be asked to donate non-perishable food items for Taranaki Hospice. The speaker will be an interior designer, who will also demonstrate some floral arrangements.

The committee (pictured here) is making sure members are safe by proving seating that is at least one metre apart, hand sanitiser at the door, and reminders about social distancing during tea breaks.

 Otatara CombinedOtatara

Level 2 restrictions meant this club could hold a series of meetings in private homes for groups of up to six to enjoy morning tea and chat.

All members who attended enjoyed meeting face to face and the relief of the tension built up over the previous months was great. Regular meetings are starting again where they have a guest speaker and morning tea for an attendance of around 60 members at each meeting.

Six new members have joined, and everyone appreciates getting back together.

East Hamilton

After the restrictions created by Covid eased, East Hamilton Friendship Club members were free to enjoy another of the trips organised by Doreen Porter-Russell. Her choice was the Te Awamutu Space Centre (which is, rather confusingly, situated in Kihikihi). The Space Centre is well known to schools in the area, but it is another of the not-so-well known attractions of the Waikato region. There are displays and interactive activities dealing with space and astronomy and a fascinating collection of artifacts from the American and Russian/Soviet space programmes. There are also displays about the universe, the history of space exploration and scientific research.East Hamilton

Twenty club members made the trip to the Space Centre on 19 August. Dave Owen, the director, was extremely knowledgeable about all matters regarding the solar system, galaxy, and the universe. He spent some time talking about the space programme and the International Space Station, its operation, and how different tasks are performed.

There were a vast number of questions regarding the programme and Dave was able to answer them all without hesitation or question. The morning ended with lunch at the Red Kitchen in Te Awamutu.

 Waimakariri Combined

Nearly 100 members of the Waimakariri Combined Friendship Club enjoyed getting together on 27 August 2020, their first meeting since February 2020.

The programme included the previously postponed AGM, a delayed 15th birthday celebration, the induction of five new members, and entertainment by Christchurch entertainers Libby and Myra.Waimak cakeWaimak club

 Great Lake Taupo

Great Lake high teaAt their first meeting after lockdown, it was a great pleasure to induct five new members on 4 August and a good turnout of club members really appreciated the high tea (shown below) held at Wairakei Resort on 18 August.

In February, the club arranged an outing and picnic with the Vintage Car club and AA65 Choir at some lovely gardens. All was arranged with lunch, games, and vintage car club transport. February weather was fantastic - until the day of the rally – which turned out to be one of the very few wet days that month. However, the vintage car club came to the rescue and members met at the vintage car club rooms along with the AA65Choir. Vintage car members took several members for a ride, and only one car broke down. The singers entertained members with great songs, and everyone enjoyed lunch which was provided by committee members.

The club has a busy programme arranged for the next few months with guest speakers, Brewery Tour, and a bus trip to Esk Valley wineries to name a few. Members meet at 10am at the AC Baths in Taupo on the first Tuesday of each month. Members of any other FNZI clubs would be welcomed as a visitor should you be in the area.

 Tasman Bay

Recently several members visited Cable Bay Adventure Park Tasman Bay1where they enjoyed a leisurely, if slightly adventurous time. Because of Level 2 restrictions they were not able to head up to the Skywire for a ride, but instead went for a bush walk which was both interesting and challenging in places.

The walk followed a creek bed however some took a trip in the 4WD vehicle and others turned back when it became more taxing. Lunch was enjoyed outside at the café.

 Queen Charlotte

On the second Wednesday morning of each month, the members (and sometimes friends) of the Queen Charlotte Friendship Club meet at the Waikawa. Boating Club situated at the head of the Marina at Waikawa Bay in the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sounds.Queen Charlotte

Over the past few years, numbers have dwindled as members age and move on but there are a small number of dedicated members who are keeping it going. Several members are past office holders and still enjoy meeting up and taking part in the activities. They have some interesting speakers from the community come to Club days and they also have some good speakers amongst club members, ensuring they are kept informed and amused.

Outings and trips are limited these days, but they make the most of an occasion when one can be arranged. Queen Charlotte club have shared interests with The Beavertown Friendship Club in Blenheim and members of both clubs join in December for a Christmas dinner. Club days see many members meet in Picton for lunch, where they try to patronise a different local cafe or restaurant each month.


Sunnyhills Duncan LoneyThe July speaker was Duncan Loney, President of Bakels NZ Ltd and a Trustee of Bakels Foundation in Switzerland. He gave a very in-depth talk about supplying many industrial baking ingredients throughout New Zealand and overseas. Duncan has a BSc in Chemistry and started his working career at the Wheat Research Institute, firstly as a Technician and then as a Scientist. This has since been taken over by DSIR. He joined Bakels NZ in 1975 as a Technical Advisor to the Plant/Industrial bread Bakers.

For 45 years Duncan has held many managerial roles with Bakels and being on the Executive Committee, has the responsibility for markets in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Fiji, India, South America, and a building project in China.

Red Beach

A recent speaker for this club was Karsten Stevensen, engineer Red Beachand liaison officer for NX2, the contractors and leaders of the public-private partnership constructing the new Puhoi to Warkworth motorway extension – the next stage in the upgrade of the road to Whangarei. He was an excellent speaker with a mine of information and many videos and flyovers of the construction work. The aims of the project included improving safety whilst driving, giving shorter and predictable journey times to the north.

Most members had no idea of the huge amount of groundwork required in planning for such a large undertaking. This included careful arrangements to safeguard the native flora and fauna and preparing several access roads before the real work on the highway could even begin. The sheer diversity of the landscape meant draining swamps, blasting solid rock, then using the spoil to infill gullies. All this to be done whilst minimising any effects on the surrounding countryside by using the latest technology.

Up to 700 people can be at work on the project at any time. The new road is expected to open in mid-2022 or earlier if possible.

Te Rapa

Te Rapa speaker Mark HamiltonA recent monthly speaker was Mark Morgan, CEO of Hamilton Airport Ltd. Mark was due to be overseas in late September and October, but his plans were changed with the Covid-19 virus.

Mark talked about the plans for the development of the Airport and Airport Hotel which have been delayed because of the effects of the virus, although renovations to the Airport Hotel have been mostly completed. He also spoke about a new partnership between Hamilton Airport, Palmerston North Airport and Originair which has secured the return of the Hamilton-Palmerston North route, previously serviced by Air New Zealand was but cancelled during the pandemic.

This service will additionally offer Nelson and Hamilton travellers an option to travel to either city, with a brief stop in Palmerston North. A direct Hamilton –Nelson route is under consideration by Originair. Mark said that both the Hamilton and Palmerston North airport companies are committed to helping drive regional recovery, and the re-establishment of this service can only help.


In common with many social clubs, membership of the Woolston Club has been on the decline for several years. They considered several options for use in promoting the club in addition to those already in use.

FNZI promotes the use of their flyers for club use. The flyers are general in content and contain an area where clubs or individual members can enter their own contact details. The flyers available from FNZI are 21x10 cm and cost $5 for 20 flyers ($125 for 500) plus postage. One drawback to their use was that they do not provide enough space for more than just the contact details. Their size is also a disincentive to their being carried around ready for use when an opportunity to promote the club arises.

The alternative the Woolston Club settled on was to order business cards from Vistaprint that could be carried in a wallet or purse, ready for use as required. The double-sided cards were less than $50 for 500 including postage. With space for the club members name and phone number, they provide an attractive and personal introduction for anyone following up on the invitation to check out the club.

The following extract from their newsletter shows the business card option that our club selected for use in promoting the club. It also highlights where clubs could make better use of the FNZI website by providing a link to their own website, Facebook page or any other internet page that contains their own club information. In Christchurch, a link to the Community Information CINCH website could be used.

“A drive for new members - The best option for getting new members is for existing members to actively look for recruits. There is merit in looking for new members amongst your contacts but remember our clubs are open to anyone 55 years and over and younger members are needed to inject new enthusiasm into the club. To help turn contacts into new recruits Woolston club have produced some business cards. With your club’s name and phone number on the card you can help them take that first step into joining FNZI.”

They have also given their website a makeover – take a look – card


WhangareiA group of members from the Whangarei friendship Club visited the Northland Vintage Railway Museum and had an interesting tour of the sheds.

Many sad looking locomotives are there just waiting for funding to restore them.Whangarei2

The railway line goes along the main street of Kawakawa, past the world famous Hundertwasser public toilets named after the architect and visual artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1999, and out to Opua. The railway is open every weekend for
fund-raising train rides.

At right is Yvonne Tait, President, installing Harley Denby as the first woman life member of the Whangarei club.

Benvenue Ladies

This club’s AGM was held in March just before lockdownBenvenue ladies of the night and, as their scheduled speaker was unable to come, they had a very timely visit from Peter O’Neill the Manager of their local Hospice who explained all that was required of them for the protection of the patients during Covid lockdown. They enjoyed a few songs from their Song Group who did an hilarious musical skit dressed as ladies of the night.

Some members of the walking group had a few days in Hanmer just before lockdown and really enjoyed the local eateries and of course the hot pools.

During lockdown members of the committee rang 12 members each a few times to see how they were coping and whether they had someone able to get groceries etc which was most appreciated by them.

The club’s first meeting back after lockdown was in July where they had a mid-winter Christmas theme with morning tea provided by the committee and Christmas carols by the song group. At the August meeting two young lawyers from a local firm provided information about setting up Enduring Powers of Attorney. Separate EPA’s are required for health, and finances and/or property.

Benvenue Hanmer tripOn 26 August a group of members went to the local Marae at Arowhenua where they were welcomed and given a history talk followed by morning tea followed by a session on making flax flowers - with mixed results but a lot of fun to try – photos attached Members were given a lovely lunch of roast pork and vegetables and dessert and the local school children entertained them with traditional songs and actions.

At their birthday meeting in September which included invited guests from other local clubs, Jenny Skudder spoke and displayed her beautiful craft work and was followed by some great songs from local entertainer Cheryl Blanchard.

They have a planned trip to Christchurch on 14 October and have a full bus load of members going on a tour of Christchurch taking in all the new builds etc followed by lunch at “Gardens” restaurant before heading to a garden visit at Casa Rossa in West Melton on way home.

Hamilton Ladies

The August meeting's Speaker was an inspiration: Dr Steve Saunders, a Psychologist. He encouraged us to "stay sane in a changing world". With his many hilarious experiences during his career, members were certainly uplifted after the tonic of laughter.

The September meeting began with a member reminiscing about the amazing New Zealanders who attended a small Waikato school, Te Kowhai, with her. Her playmate was Barbara Magner, a popular TV and radio announcer, and Dame Melvina Major entertained them with her yodelling.

Hamilton Ladies teaThe guest speaker was Boramey They from the Zealong Tea Estate, New Zealand's only tea plantation, a few minutes from Hamilton City Central. The members had a 'discovering a tea experience'. Three different teas were infused and enjoyed with a high tea. The history of the Estate was told, how the tea is picked, and the different processes used to prepare the different teas. Organic principles are employed throughout, even down to the tea bags made of cornstarch and tied with cotton.

A bus trip to Whangamata is planned in early October and bookings are being taken for the Christmas lunch already. The Book Club, the Film, Walking, and Knitting Groups meet monthly as well as Brunch and Lunch groups. Something for everyone.

Benvenue Men’s

The Benvenue Mens Club in Timaru had their first day back after the Benvenue Mens groupthree-month lock down period on Wednesday 1 July, however attendance was down as expected because of the age of our membership.

In the last two years the club has lost about fifteen members to retirement, rest homes or they have died, however two new members have now joined. Those that came were happy to be back and enjoyed the day.

Their guest speaker was Nigel Bowen, the current Mayor of Timaru, who is a young and enthusiastic person. He was born in Timaru and from his school days always wanted to be on the local council and or in politics. He has owned the Speights Ale House in Timaru along with his wife for many years, so is a very bright and approachable person.


On 20 September Frenz Fiordland members car-pooled to drive to Manapouri. Just out of town they arrived at Kepler Mountain View Alpacas where members were greeted by owners Jessie and Ray Haanen, and their assistant. After a rundown on right way to approach and handle an alpaca, they headed off to the paddock to do a spot of hand- feeding of the young boys.Frenz

Clearly, alpacas display a whole range of personalities, and as soon as those who were keen – or brave- stepped in there with ice cream containers of pellets, those personalities were revealed. There were loud, hungry pushy ones, shy ones hanging back, and sweet, polite ones with superior table manners.

From there they went to the weanlings’ paddock, repeated the feeding, and learned more about their fleeces and their habits. A few members did an extra walk to see the stud boys, pacing around, each in his own paddock. The alpacas are quirky and charming. With their huge eyes and soft, soft fleeces they are frankly adorable, and a real pleasure to get up close and personal.Frenz at McGregors museum



Jessie also has a beautiful little gallery shop where she displays and sells the astoundingly beautiful items she makes from the fleeces.

From there members drove to Tina and Duncan McGregor’s private military museum. Within the gardens there is a genuine Baillie bridge which was crossed to reach the two huge jam-packed sheds which house their collection of military memorabilia, with an emphasis on American military vehicles from WWII. The army trucks, lovingly restored and beautifully maintained, were a high point, but there were also relevant historical documentaries projected inside their covered decks.


On 9 September Maria West (District 30 Combined Clubs) andNgongotaha cake2 June Welten (District 30 Councillor) went to Rotorua to celebrate Ngongotaha Friendship Club's 25th birthday where they were both very warmly welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed a delicious lunch with almost all of the Club's present membership.

It was a genuinely happy occasion. Cutting the birthday cake are the eldest Club member Marion Sharland (L) and Valda Claasen who was a member of the steering committee and a foundation committee member.

Ngongotaha life members 




Five life members joined into the festivities at the 25th birthday lunch. They are (from left to right in the photo) - Marion Sharland, Thelma Wenborn, Ursula Sim, Mary Barton and Shirley Whyte.

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