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Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is a welcoming social organisation for people living in New Zealand who are retired, semi-retired or soon-to-retire. If you are in that "golden" stage of your life, woman or man, our Clubs could be a great option for you.

This website provides information about Friendship New Zealand Inc. and about the many Clubs that are registered with FNZI.

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Issue 13 - November 2015

Update From Chairman Denys Boshier

BoshierAs I write this Report to you, I am mindful of the classic duck sitting on the pond, with its visible parts seemingly serene, while its legs are paddling furiously beneath the surface. The PNZI Council is very much in this state at the moment.

All members of our PNZI family were deeply upset by the Toogood High Court Judgement of September 17, 2015, which judged that the Registrar of Incorporated Societies had erred in allowing PNZI and seven nominated incorporated clubs to continue the use of the word Probus in their club names. As a result, we embarked on a process of discontinuing the use of Probus as part of our naming system and began a rebranding and re-naming process, while endeavouring to retain the principles of the Probus goals of Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.
We are now pursuing a new area of enquiry which may lead to a more satisfactory outcome to the litigation procedures, so beloved of PSPL and currently being undertaken by them against PNZI and its affiliated clubs As the new approach to PSPL is only in its early stages, I cannot share the details with you; but “watch this space”.

In the meantime, the PNZI Council is continuing to work in your best interests and it is very gratifying to Council as we recognise the many letters being received which are affirming club support for the PNZI Council and the way it is responding to our challenges.
There is still the major challenge that the Council, in its current form, cannot meet our club members' needs and, as affirmed at the recent AGM, clubs or organised District Associations are going to have to help in giving administrative and technical assistance to PNZI. This can only be to the benefit of us all. There is a need for strong District Associations to act as a link between Council and the clubs, to share ideas and care for each other, helping those clubs in decline, learning from successful clubs, many of which now have waiting lists There is no question at all that clubs will lose any of their autonomy, they will gain the strength of fellowship and unity.
Look for more Council activity here.
Council itself is undergoing some changes. The foundation Treasurer, Russell Tether, has been replaced by Jim Taylor, Representative of District 10, as current Secretary/Treasurer, while Council itself for the moment, has changed its emphasis from developing a Support Centre within PNZI to anticipating other needs within our structure. As part of these developments, our website is developing into an attractive and useful site and will be open for business by the end of the month. We can all look forward to that.. PNZI is alive and well – the duck is swimming strongly.

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