RECOVER USERNAME OR PASSWORD - Information For Affiliated Clubs (and FNZI Officers)

Your Club has been provided with a user name and password with which you can login on this FNZI website. Only when you are logged in, you can access the protected content in the Club Area.
This document describes the login process, and how to deal with any issues prior to logging in.


First advice: Don't Panic! It is easy!


First the basics

Your Club has a Committee member who is the representative of your Club for FNZI; we call this person your Primary Contact. This person will have the username and the password. This person receives all emails from FNZI and must liaise with your Committee. This email address is stored in our database and is the only address FNZI uses to communicate with your Club. If this representative resigns and is succeeded, he/she must pass on the login details to their successor.

Your Club has been assigned a username in the form of a 7-digit number. This username is unique for your Club and will never change.

Only your representative knows (or should know) your password. Nobody else can know your password, even the webmaster doesn't. This password must be kept in a safe place and only shared with a few members of your Committee who need to have login access to this website on behalf of your Club.

In order to recover username or password you MUST KNOW  the email address that is currently used for communication with your Club. If you do not know this email address you should contact our Centre Administrator and explain the problem. See below under SUPPORT.


Now the Recovery

Click on the link Forgot Login? just below the login panel. Select "Reminder needed for Lost Password".
Type in the Username of your Club and also the email address that we have in our database for your Club and click on "Send Password".
A new password will be sent to this email address that you can subsequently use to login.

If you don't know the Username either, you must follow a two-step process. First request the Username by providing the correct email address and subsequently request a new password.

Please record the new login details for your Club in a safe place. If you use your own computer the browser programme will be helpful to store this information for easy future login on this website.
If your Club representative is succeeded, please pass on this information to the successor.



If for whatever reason you cannot resolve lost or forgotten login information, please contact our Centre Administrator. There will be security questions asked to ensure that you are legitimately representing your Club. Please use the Contact Us menu and select Centre Administrator. Use the Contact Form to send an email message or use the 0800 phone number.