How to join a Club

Thank you for your interest in Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI). You may already know some people who are members of any of our Clubs. If not, you will soon be able to meet some. Most people come into clubs by first attending some Club activities as a ‘guest.’

Do you know already that there is a club near you and that you would like to try or join it? If you do then it is the simplest to contact the club's secretary and ask for membership nomination. If you don’t know of such a club, use the Directory of Member Clubs provided on this website to locate possible clubs near you. There is information about meetings of all our registered clubs as well as a map display for each District on which the venue is indicated where each club has their regular meetings.

These pages also have a link to the District Representatives who are happy to answer any queries you may have about specific clubs, including contact details, in their District.


As a Guest

Being a Guest

There is more than one way of becoming a guest to see what a club is like before your join. You could attend one or more of the club’s regular main meetings, or you could be invited to join a group on a trip or at a small interest group during the month rather than go to the main meeting. See our activities elsewhere on this website to find out what sort of things Friendship club members might do besides attend their main meetings.

Go as a guest!

Anyone, with a genuine interest in knowing about FNZI, or better still with a real interest in joining an FNZI Club, may join a meeting or activity as a guest. It would of course be courteous to make advance arrangements with someone in the club so that they can expect you and make you welcome. Contact the National Office where our Administrator will be happy to bring you into contact with any Club in the area of your interest.

How much does it cost?
Attending a meeting as a guest may involve a small charge to cover catering costs. But if you decide to join as a member of a club, you will be required to pay a membership fee. In most cases this is a very modest amount.

Join a Club

If you have already become aware of a club near you, and even know some members, contact the club Secretary and ask about the procedure to be nominated. If you do not know anyone who is presently a member of the club, contact the National Office to obtain contact details of the Club.

It is traditional for new members to be ‘sponsored.’ That is, someone who is already a member of a club will need to nominate you as a member. It is usual for that person also to introduce you to the club when you are inducted into the membership.

Although some clubs have a waiting list for new members, you will certainly be made welcome and can always visit the club's meetings as a guest (see above). Many clubs however do not have a waiting list and you will be welcome to join straight away through their nomination process.

Spread the Word

If you are new to FNZI, you are more than welcome to take a friend with you as guests to find out what meetings of our affiliated Clubs are like. If you find the experience enjoyable, help us raise awareness about our organisation by bringing other people into membership in your club or other clubs. Encourage them to visit this website and learn more!


Still have a question? Contact our Centre Administrator via the Contact Us menu.