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Guidelines for submitting photos for the image slider

Purpose of the Image Slider
On the one hand these images (one image says more than a thousand words) show typical activities of our Clubs and demonstrate Club life in a positive sense.
On the other hand they give our affiliated Clubs the opportunity to have their particular Club promoted to the general public and to other Clubs, and to take some ownership of the website.

What can you send?
Photos must display Club activities either indoor or outdoor. We will select photos on the basis of variety of activities to give the general public an idea of the wide range of Club activities.

Images must be in digital format and of reasonable quality. We do not expect professional quality, but will have to adhere to some basic standards, e.g. in focus, without motion blur, etc. Our webmaster will size and crop photos to fit the slider and enhance the quality with Adobe Photoshop if necessary. Please send photos that are directly out of a camera. Processed photos and e.g. photos embedded in a text document should be avoided.

How many photos can you send
Clubs can send as many photos as they like, but the number of photos displayed per Club will be limited to give all participating Clubs equal opportunity. When we have many photos we may have to limit the number of photos to only one per Club. When you send several photos this gives us a choice, especially in view of the variety of activities.

When at a later date Clubs wish to replace a selected photo, they are welcome to request such replacement and submit a new photo.

How are your photos going to be displayed?
The slider will display a maximum number of images (initially set at 50) in a random order. If we receive more than that maximum, we will rotate sets on e.g. a monthly basis and we may limit the number of photos to only one per Club. We will make sure that Clubs that have submitted photos will have equal exposure in the longer term.

Anyone appearing recognisably in an image must give (explicit or implicit) consent for publishing the image on a public website. This is the Club’s responsibility and Friendship New Zealand Incorporated does not accept any responsibility or liability.

Where to send
Photos must be send as an attachment to an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please state the name of your Club as it will appear on the caption.

We look forward to your Club's contributions.

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