Friendship New Zealand Incorporated
is a social organisation where
Friendship, Fellowship & Fun
have real meaning

Main Meeting

At our Club meetings, you will encounter others with similar backgrounds and who appreciate and value the opportunity for social contacts, information and the discussions of current topics.

In New Zealand the main FNZI club meeting is a monthly meeting. When and where it is held is at the discretion of the local club. Typically, this meeting lasts for two hours with refreshments at some stage during the meeting time. Even though the meetings are relatively formal our motto is that club life is about Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

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Other Activities

Many clubs in New Zealand have additional things that their members can do during the month between main meetings. There are no rules governing whether a club has extra activities or not. But many members enjoy the opportunity to do something more relaxed between the formal meetings.

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Many clubs, but not all, produce their own in-house newsletters. These will typically contain important information about the leadership of the club and details of up-coming functions, trips and particular contact people. The newsletters may also contain a short report and photographs of mid-month activities, especially when they involve a trip away or a visit to a special place. It is common for clubs to share their newsletters with each other, especially within regions. 


This particular website is the channel through which Friendship New Zealand Incorporated, the national support centre, shares its information with clubs and the wider community. You can use this website to obtain specific information or find answers to your particular questions. It is constantly monitored, so that if you wish to send a message or make an application to attend a club as a guest, or even better to actually join a club by using the facilities on this website, we can assure you of our active interest in your queries and of a prompt reply.

To send a message or ask a question in general you can contact the National Office.

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