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Friendship New Zealand Incorporated (FNZI) is a welcoming social organisation for people living in New Zealand who are retired, semi-retired or soon-to-retire. If you are in that "golden" stage of your life, woman or man, our Clubs could be a great option for you.

This website provides information about Friendship New Zealand Inc. and about the many Clubs that are registered with FNZI.

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Issue 26 - February 2019

Update from Chairman, Graeme Pierson


 As we commence another year, I trust it will be as fruitful as last year. It is pleasing to find that Council members were able to successfully remedy all the inquiries they received from clubs over the year.

Council members have had a quiet time over the past 12 months and spent time either visiting clubs or attending local meetings of club representatives which have proved successful for all attendees. All Councillors believe that it is to the benefit of all clubs that they keep in contact with the clubs in their District.

I have recently written to all Presidents in District 10 requesting their assistance to seek nomination/s for the position of FNZI Councillor for that District. I can assure any person/s prepared to stand for this position, the workload has lessened as FNZI has become positively embedded in place and the successful Councillor will be given every assistance by fellow Council members and other office holders in the organisation.

Council has decided that the motto of FNZI going forward is –



I was recently concerned about the welfare of our members in the Tasman area who may have been affected by the recent fires in that area. I have now spoken to the Secretaries of two clubs in the close proximity and they assured me that they were sure all our members in this area were safe and well.

This is the time of the year that clubs will be electing or re-electing members to the various positions in their clubs. It is of concern that a number of clubs throughout New Zealand have had to windup through the lack of members filling vacant positions on their respective committees when they occur. I would like to advise members that in some clubs, positions are now being shared by more than one member and calling them assistant Secretaries or Treasurers etc.

Our Centre Administrator, Rosemarie will be shortly sending out notices for the payment of subscriptions and advice of club membership numbers (including Life Members), full particulars of Presidents and Secretaries and the Primary Contact person.

Council has now renamed the role for Margaret Finnie who prepares our Highlights Newsletter. She is to be known as Highlights Editor and all future messages and photos relating to this document should be sent to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I would now, on behalf of Council members and myself, wish all clubs a very successful time for the year ahead.

Graeme Pierson, Chairman

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