How to join a Club

How to join a Club

Explore Friendship New Zealand Inc. (FNZI) clubs near you through our online directory. Contact the club's secretary for membership details or reach out to District Councillors for assistance in finding the right club.

Attend club activities as a guest to get acquainted. Discover new connections and enrich your experience with FNZI.

Being a Guest

Becoming a guest at the Friendship Club offers various options for exploration before joining.

Attend regular meetings, join a group trip, or participate in small interest groups. Explore our website for diverse activities beyond main meetings.'

Be a Guest at an FNZI Club!

Anyone interested in a joining a FNZI club can attend a meeting or activity as a guest. Coordinate with a club member beforehand for a warm welcome.

Contact our Centre Administrator or a District Councillor for assistance in connecting with a local club. Click here to go to our Contact Us page.

How much does it cost to attend?

Being a guest at a meeting might include a nominal fee to offset catering expenses. However, opting to become a club member will necessitate the payment of a membership fee, usually a very reasonable amount in most instances.

Join a Club

Contact the club Secretary, our Centre Administrator or District Councillor for information on the nomination procedure if you are aware of a nearby club.

New members are typically sponsored by existing members, who will introduce them during their induction. While some clubs may have waiting lists, others welcome immediate membership through the nomination process. Guests can attend club meetings before joining.


Spread the Word

If you are new to FNZI, you are more than welcome to take a friend with you as guests to find out what meetings of our affiliated Clubs are like. If you find the experience enjoyable, help us raise awareness about our organisation by bringing other people into membership in your club or other clubs. Encourage them to visit this website and learn more!

 Still have a question? Contact our Centre Administrator via the Contact Us menu.