FNZI Vision, Mission and Values

Friendship New Zealand is a National organisation empowering impending retirees and retired people to meet on a regular basis to enrich their lives. There are Clubs in most towns and cities. We meet to allow members interested in wide ranging activities and subjects to interact with each other, providing programmes to learn, build knowledge and develop new ideas. There are opportunities for leadership involvement and to celebrate success. Meetings offer a safe inclusive environment and encourage a sense of belonging through mutual respect and understanding for each other.


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Our Vision

We are a diverse organisation that brings members and visitors together with a sense of purpose, as a group, to enrich their lives.

Mission Statement

We are a vibrant and ambitious group in our community who meet in a safe, supportive environment. FNZI is non sectarian and a non political organisation, nor are we a service club. We welcome impending retirees and retired members of our community to participate in rich experiences, friendship, and social inclusion.


Enjoyment and friendship - through well planned programmes which identify opportunities for a wide range of life experiences.

Integrity - by being honest and inclusive, practising sound ethics and commitment.

Diversity - by collaborating with our members to maintain comradery and openness. Initiate change when necessary.